Badger Meter CAD and BIM Catalog
The Recordall Models 120 and 170 Disc Series meters meet or exceed the most recent revision of AWWA Standard C700 and are available in a lead-free bronze alloy. Both meters comply with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act, are certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372 (Trade Designations: M120-LL and M170LL) and carry the NSF-61 mark on the housing. All components of the lead-free bronze alloy meter (housing, measuring element, seals, and so on) comprise the certified system.
Unit of Measure

Connection Size

N/A 2


N/A Lead-free bronze alloy

Flow [Min]

N/A 1.5 gpm

Flow [Max]

N/A 170 gpm

Operating Temperature [Max]

N/A 26 ºC80 ºF

Operating Pressure [Max]

N/A 10 bar150 psi


N/A 15.25 in


N/A 8 in


N/A 9 1/2 in


N/A 13.6 kg30 lb